Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Site Critique

The site I picked to critique is an independent filmmakers source for cheap special effects, and to view other peoples short films. What makes so successful would definitely be the content, and a simple way to view the content.
The webpage opens to a window with weekly updates on new stuff they got going on. In the corner one of the first things you notice is the search option which is most helpful if you are looking for something fast without having to go through the whole website. Along with that there is a bar that covers the main sections of the website which gives it a hierarchy, which starts with broad topics and features, from there it narrows it down to specific episodes.
The color I feel is edgy with the contrast of black and white, keeps it feeling not so childish, and just looks cool and professional. There is a lot of texture in the text, which I said, makes it edgy and not so formal. Which is nice cause independent filmmaking is not formal. There is a sense of visual hierarchy, which does allow you to flow through the page. The main topics and updates appear in big bold text, flashing on a dark background. Below that is past posts on a white background, in lighter smaller text.
This page is for home moviemakers of all ages, and allows them to share tips they learn, and to share their films.  It relies mostly on visually giving people information with short films. This helps a lot because they are able to show the viewer’s on what they need to do, instead of relying on explaining it in text. Which is most helpful because most creative people are visual learners and makes it easy to follow for people of all ages.

What I was thinking for my site was something like a home repair tip site or something like that.